One Day in Monaco

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23 January 2015
21 February 2015
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One Day in Monaco


Wake up early

If you arrive in Monaco early in the morning (which might be difficult if you’ve been out partying the night before!) you could visit the market at the La Condamine. This is a great place to buy food and is popular with Monegasques of all ages, not just the personnel chefs of millionaires !

Map of "Marché de la Condamine : 15, Place d' Armes, Monaco"

The Market Hall is bordered by an attractive and lively esplanade where the Herb Market takes place, worth visiting just for the incredible scents. The "Rue Princesse Caroline" pedestrian mall is just a few steps away. There’s plenty of green space so it’s a great place to find a bench and eat some socca that you’ve just bought in the market.

"Ladies, perhaps you’ll meet a handsome captain"

You’ll definitely want to visit the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco. Walk to the port of Fontvielle and check out the yacht club on the way.
Ladies, perhaps you’ll meet a handsome captain during your “promenade”, or maybe the owner of a yacht will invite you on board for lunch. After this head up to Monte Carlo where you can rub shoulders with millionaires staying at the Hotel de Paris, or at least see some luxury sports cars parked in front of it ! If you find a Lamborghini with an open door and keys on the dashboard why not take it for a spin, I’ll lend it to you!

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